World Cup Val di Sole: Jure tried to split the rock in half

The race in Val di Sole didn’t gave Jure much more than the previous World Cup events, despite feeling stronger than before in the season. Jure came to Italy on the wings of solid performance on the World Champs in Les Gets and was looking for another good result to finish the World Cup season on the high note.

Jure was our sole downhill rider in Val di Sole, as Žak stayed home due to the injury he got in Les Gets. He’ll be fine, he just needs time to recover.

Jure was getting up to good speed with each of the runs on the track, and getting extra time with dialing in his Canyon Sender. We all had high hopes for the qualies and the main race, but the race finished quickly and not in the way we wanted. Jure hit one of the big rocks with front chainring and couldn’t pedal from there on. He went down to the finish with a decent speed, but it wasn’t enough to qualify.

Not the best way to end the World Cup season, especially after things were looking better for Jure on the last races. We still have one more iXS EDC race to go, so it’s time to focus on that and then focus on the off-season!

Photos: Grega Stopar