Bielsko-Biala didn’t bring same success as Finale

Vid came to Poland on the wings of success in Finale, and quickly became friends with the trails above the city of Bielsko-Biala. In many ways they are like those back home. But all of that didn’t help him on the race, Vid just didn’t have the right legs on the race day and was struggling with the proper performance throughout the five stages. His moral stays strong, and he already looks forward to the next one.

Enduro race in Bielsko-Biala was a good one! Massive crowds came to support riders (despite the rain) and the stages took place on the good trails. Fast trails! Vid Peršak likes the venue and the terrain, he was really looking forward to the race. He finished the race in Finale in 25th place and wanted to at least match that result. But as soon as the race started, Vid knew that it’s not going to be his day. He finished the S1 in 47thplace and then continued in the same manner. He was fighting with everything he had, but it was not his day. On the end he took 46th place.

Vid Peršak: “Unfortunately not the same race for me as a week ago in Finale. Somehow I didn’t found a good rhythm and energy to really push it out there. Conditions were harsh, especially after it started raining after stage 2. Not the race weekend I wanted, but I’m still happy and I look forward for the next race opportunity that is coming up in three weeks!”

Time to rest & analysis, before the next enduro round in Leogang. But before that we still have lots of racing, downhill race in Poland is in full swing! It’s going to be a wild one.

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Photos: Grega Stopar