Les Gets: P15 for Oli after race cancellation

The race that didn’t happen. Our race in Les Gets finished earlier than expected due to the cancelation of the junior races… Not the way we wanted to end this weekend, but we need to take P15 for Oli and move ahead.

Les Gets is usually one of the biggest events on the schedule, with great crowds that create out of this world atmosphere. The same happened this year, despite the bad weather forecast. The fans didn’t get scared, but organizers had big concerns about Saturday forecast and decided to cancel both junior races and move ahead with the elite races.

For Oli Clark that meant that the race was over on Friday and he had to settle with 15th place. He left a lot of time on the track, so of course the wasn’t a happy camper when he learned about the cancellation.

Aimi Kenyon made good progress and is getting her race speed back, but it was still not enough for the harsh competition and the semi-finals.

There is no time to rest, Vid Peršak will head towards Bellwald for the next round of the enduro world cup, while Oli and Stan Nisbet stay in Les Gets for another week of riding.

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Photos: Grega Stopar