Žak Gomilšček



How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
Just a guy who loves life and has fun riding bikes.

Best moment of 2020 season?
Winning the national champs! That was pretty fun NGL.

Your goal for this season?
I just want to be better than in the previous season. That’s always my goal! I think I can do some really good results and I want to have as much fun possible doing it!

Your main inspirations?
My biggest inspiration as a kid was definitely Josh Bryceland, but now I wouldn’t really say I have an idol. I just really love riding bikes.

Growing up, who did you most like to emulate on your riding?
Definitely Josh Bryceland

If you could transfer your riding skills to any other sport, what would it be?
Probably skiing or motocross.

Favorite post-race snack?
I don’t really have fav snack… I usually just munch on cereals. Hahaha

Favorite race?
My favorite race have to be Andorra and Val di Sole… the rougher the better!

Favorite place to ride?
I don’t really have the favorite place… it’s about the vibes you bring on the ride. But lapping Schladming in the summer is always fun!

Slovenian National Champ 2020
2nd junior – World Cup Val di Sole 2019
12th junior – World Champs Mont-Sainte-Anne 2019
1st U19 – iXS EDC Abetone 2019
1st U19 – Unior Downhill Cup Javor 2019
1st U19 – Unior Downhill Cup Lošinj 2019
2nd junior – European Champs Pampilhosa de Serra 2019
2nd U19 – iXS EDC Abetone 2018