World Cup Leogang: P24 for Jure Žabjek

Jure Žabjek took 24th on the opening downhill round of the 2021 UCI MTB World Cup. He already took higher spots on the track in Leogang in the past, but still a very solid result for the first race of the season. Especially considering the conditions on the track.

First double event of the season is taking place on the classic venue in Leogang, on the new tracks that were introduced last year for the World Champs. Fortunately, the conditions on the tracks aren’t as they were last October.

Jure qualified as 39th, but everything is forgiven after today’s very solid run that put him in the hot seat for quite a while. Conditions on the track were also best so far in the week, top part was super fast and dry, bottom part is where the race was decided. Jure had to ride on his perfect line, anything left or right could easily stop him.

“Conditions have changed significantly in the days of the competition, the track was getting drier. Today was completely dry on the open sections, roots were also dry. But there was still lots of mud in some sections and if you took that direction, you lost speed right away. I didn’t risk too much, I stayed on the safe side. I’m very happy with the result, now I know that I’m close to the rest of the guys and I would gain lots of places with slightly better time,” explained Jure after the race.

Žak Gomilšček didn’t qualify on Friday and had to watch the race from behind the tape. Competition was very strong and big, which is very good indicator after 2020 season. This was first race of the season for both of our riders, next chance to prove their worth will come soon!

Racing is back to “normal” in many ways, but there are still not a lot of spectators, there were almost none by the track. “There were some people, but it wasn’t magnificent. Still better than nothing,” explained Jure.

Finals – Jure Žabjek 24th
Qualies – Jure Žabjek 39th, Žak Gomilšček 83rd
Overall – Jure Žabjek 25th

Photos by Rick Schubert & Jure Božič