Tanja is back in the top-20

There is no doubt, Tanja Žakelj is very competitive in the World Cup, her changed approach to racing is obviously working. She took 19th place in Leogang, which is her best World Cup result since 2019 season.

Weekend of racing in Leogang is ending in the hot and dry weather, a complete opposite of the previous days, full of rain and mud. Change from rainy spring to hot summer didn’t bother Tanja, she kept her good spirits and again proved how strong she is. She already did very good in Czech Republic but had a tire puncture in the very last lap and she fell down the ladder. Today there were no mistakes and no doubt, Tanja was determined and hungry for a good result. 19th place finish is a good confirmation of the hard work.

“My second World Cup race of the season and the result that brings me great joy. I was already excited in Nové Mesto when I came to the places among top-20, but I had bad luck after and the good result was gone. Today everything went nice and smooth, without any big mistakes. I was racing my own race, I was solid all the way to the finish line. I fact I was better than just solid, I’m very happy with the race and the position that this race puts me,” said Tanja after five laps of racing in Austria.

Looking realistically, the fastest girls out there are in the league of their own, but Tanja has again showed that she could do even better. Time gaps behind the riders in front of her are not too bad as well. Quite simply – Tanja is feeling good and showing this on the races. “I had a perfect support, the whole atmosphere was superb. At the same time I like this course, conditions were perfect and it just couldn’t be any better,” explained Tanja.

Tanja opted not to race the full World Cup season, but only the selected events. But she is giving 100% regardless and result are confirming that. She took several victories and podium positions on the UCI class races, today she confirmed strong form on the World Cup.

And now what? Easy, go forward with the same relaxed attitude and determination.

Photos by Sebastian Sternemann